The purpose of this blog is share with others the processes involved in my favorite form of creativity- silk art quilts. The creative process itself is a fascinating thing. I am constantly amazed by it- both its simplicity and its complexity.

I feel strongly that I am a better person since I truly started following my dream. Because of collectors--those who actually buy original art-- I am able to live my dream. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You can see more of my work at my website http://www.rebelquilter.com/.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweeping changes--progess

Ok. I lied. I had planned on showing you the back but I got more interested in the front first. This is where I left the piece today. I have cut apart the silk with the copper leaf, applied black misty fuse and attached. Then I stamped phrases that are timely with current events.
Here you can see the individual "islands" of copper leaf before I printed the phrases.
This is a detail shot showing a few of the phrases. Included in this shot are: corporate responsibility, home gardens, eco-friendly, stimulus, consensus building. There are about 15 in all. The paint used is a copper metallic acrylic. The copper leaf is real.


Merrilee said...

absolutely beautiful, Susan. I love the direction your art is taking you! Best of luck with the show entries!

Debi R said...

What on earth do you mean, "not marketable?" It's gorgeous! Never, ever sell your artistic ability short! Never! Okay, stepping of my soap box now. lol